"Ask DOM questions, get DOM answers"

Hi, I'm Steven and I'm a software developer, mainly developing in FileMaker but occasionally dabble with PHP. I'm originally from Scotland but currently reside just outside of Plymouth.

This website is primarily to showcase my personal project, projects I'm currently working on at work and anything I find of interest online.

Currently I'm collaborating on a CRM system with my good friends over at De:strukt Studios. Check out the blog section to see its progress.

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  • RT @missnovocaine: #YesBecause the Orange Order are threatening to leave if Yes win it. In which case, it's a HELL YES from me.
  • I'm #YesBecause Scotland can be a beacon for other progressive nations. Social justice written into the very fabric of our own constitution.
  • @floydthebarb3r You're welcome.
  • Never taking this beanie aff.
  • RT @BrockLesnar: WWE Champion.
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Passed my FileMaker 12 Certification last month! :)

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Featured Work

FileMaker Touch Keyboard

Need a Touch Keyboard that will integrate with your FileMaker solution? FileMaker Touch Keyboard is perfect for you then! Initially developed to work for a POS, it spawned into its own project.

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